Plasterego offers a gypsum elements production in compliance with the sustainability principles

Sustainable building

Gypsum is a natural material, available in nature and derived from processes that do not negatively impact the environment

Plasterego® philosophy lies on the ancient art of handcraft, practiced over the centuries in valuable workshops.

Today, this know-how is passed through generations, no longer by word as old craftsmen used to do, but by management skills of analysing all production processes in a rational way ensuring continuous improvement.

The ability to combine the craftsmanship of ancient times with continuous technological innovation are part of the Plasterego® philosophy. The daily goal of Plasterego® is to safeguard the ancient handcraft of the decorator by enhancing it with a constant search for new products, new finishes and new technologies

The result of this ongoing effort are products that keep that original characteristics they once had and new technological solutions obtained with improved production processes and quality.

Since gypsum, as raw material has a completely natural origin, it does not enact with any kind of substances harmful to both people and the environment, even during the production process or its final application.

Plaster elements Plasterego® guarantee also the absence of traces of formaldehyde, regarded as one of the most harmful and polluting substances to human health among the volatile organic compounds which exist inside interior spaces.