The soul of Plasterego lies in the know-how of people who daily contribute to each production phase


Plasterego® design stands out on its market thanks to the organizational support that its structure is able to offer. In the complex modern construction industry, the high level of specialization that has been achieved has amplified the complexities that designers have to face. With that, Plasterego® saw an opportunity to stand out from its competitors, being able to support customers and professionals by giving them technical advises on complex design issues related to architectural elements in plaster and interior ceiling.

The experience gained over decades of activity makes it possible today to apply to the executive design phase a know-how of different construction and installation techniques that have been evolving over time till the current dry systems technologies. The technical Office Plasterego®, on customer-specific requests, can look after the project starting from the first draft of setting sketches from customer's idea, then moving to the real executive phase of technical designing of final production according to the installation requirements offering a tailored service.


Plasterego® during the production focuses on its main distinctive feature carrying out the majority of inspections to ensure the quality of products. Quality control is performed on different stages of production of artefacts by monitoring those many phases with a strong prevalence of manual input. The craftsmanship is able to meet all technical requirements, ensuring the highest level of quality. Plasterego® identifies itself with modern craftsmen and defends its assets in terms of know-how acquired over decades, keeping every stage of the supply chain within their premises in Padua. Productive lab proudly features three craftsmen, proven professional decorators and sculptors, who supervise all work stages and perform quality checks before authorizing further processing.


Plasterego® has a team capable to install interior walls, industrial decorated false ceilings and special plaster, by mean of both common installation and most state-of-the-art dry systems. On specific customer’s request, the installation can be made in line with current standards of sound insulation and thermal performance; a certificate of proper installation in accordance with certified methodology can also be issued. Plasterego® provides also simple manuals of instructions for small DIY jobs available on the catalogue.


Plasterego® is able to offer its know-how for restoration works. The restoration of internal and external decorations requires a throughout knowledge of the techniques and materials used in different periods of time in order to obtain a perfect and faithful reproduction of shapes and patterns that otherwise would be badly altered or even completely lost. Our team has all the experience required to properly carry out particular and challenging tasks like retrieving samples, restoration and reproduction of damaged decors.