Plaster: the historical memory of creative evolution

Plaster offers a timeless charm and language

A traditional material handed down from older construction techniques

Gypsum has always been used in the construction industry, in combination with other inert materials, thanks to this feature it can be defined as a traditional material as it is used when older construction techniques are applied, and in the same time it can be considered also a very innovative material which fits the most modern and advanced solutions, able to compete with materials of higher technological level.

As raw material, thanks to its physic-chemical properties, gypsum has a wide range of technical parameters which allow to use Plasterego® products for many types of design, both stylistic and technological.

For this reason the company has a broad line of products available, which can be customized according to the specific needs from the customer while retaining their original features.
This can be obtained thanks to the use of special mixtures developed by Plasterego® which increase the hardness of the products, confer to them water repellence, reduce their weight, make plaster without chemical dyes and which can allow much more for other needs and purposes.