Thanks to the experience gained in the field and the in-depth technical knowledge, we can make casts of plaster decorations directly on site from the original.

The techniques developed allow to obtain an absolutely faithful result in the details and without damaging the original decoration. This allows us to reproduce and integrate, even only partially, the plaster decorations and stuccos damaged or ruined by time.

Using high performance materials it is possible to obtain a cast absolutely identical to the original, obtaining results of exceptional precision and fidelity.

The gypsum formwork, necessary to maintain geometry and flatness, and the cast are removed with care and attention without causing damage to the original.

The decoration is then reproduced in our laboratory. The Plasterego gypsum products are all reinforced with fibers mixed in the mixture which increase their mechanical strength and durability over time.

Once the production is complete, the stuccos are installed on the construction site alongside the originals, obtaining an indistinguishable result between original decorations and reproductions.

Plasterego is the ideal pARTner for making your projects a reality

Plasterego is a company specialized in the production of plaster decorations and prefabricated elements with a vast assortment in stock.
We have always worked with architects, designers, installers and private people to realize interior design projects.
We provide design assistance, take care of production and logistics. We work on site to build drywall plasterboard systems and to install our decorative elements.