In this project, the customer requested a large floral-themed decorated panel totally customized for the covering of an environment.

Our team of designers and our artisans have therefore fulfilled the request with this creation. The service included the entire design of the panel, from the initial idea through the preparation of the sketches, to the more technical and design aspects linked to each individual installation phase, up to the executive and production planning.mThe entire decorative part is made by hand through a craft process acquired over time.

The end result is a unique coating, with a rich and refined style. A valuable artifact, created with great passion and a strong artistic sense

All the floral-themed decorations were first modeled with clay by the skilled hands of Plasterego artisans. Subsequently, the molds for the reproduction of all the individual pieces were created from the clay models.

Given the size of the finished work, the panel was made in two halves to be assembled during installation. The various floral decorations were then positioned specifically to best mask the line of the two halves of the panel.

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