A large ceiling centerpiece was made for this customer to be installed in the main staircase of the building. This plaster decoration, characterized by a classic and refined style, has been combined with a chandelier with a modern design, playing on the contrast of styles to give the room an elegant and contemporary atmosphere.

Given the dimensions of the ceiling centerpiece to be created, plasterego technicians planned to divide the decoration into four modular parts. To create the original model, the leaf  decoration that characterizes the centerpiece has been made “ex novo”. The decoration  was modeled first in clay and then reproduced in plaster and assembled on the model. Once the original piece has been assembled, a dedicated mold has been made to produce the necessary parts and complete the decoration.

The ceiling centerpiece was installed directly by the Plasterego team of specialists. During  the production phase, a metal support structure was drowned in the plaster so that the different parts of the decoration could be mounted to the ceiling by means of steel cables.

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