Alchimie culturali – The difficulty of the nose to stay together with the face

December 2017 Plasterego and Serena Vestrucci began their cooperation in the context of “Alchimie, Works where business and art meet”. Starting from Serena’s idea of recreating missing parts of statues destroyed by vandalistic gesture, in particular their noses, Plasterego provided its Know-How to create this unusual collection of plaster noses, demonstrating that even noses can be

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Architectural coatings for vertical and horizontal partitions

The new line of modular cladding is a practical and innovative coatings partitions vertical and / or horizontal. The versatility of the material and the mounting system dry lend themselves to always satisfy new design proposals. The prerogatives of gypsum as its combustibility or its ability to absorb moisture and return it when the environment becomes dry incomparable make these products for interiors. Applicable to any type of environment, can be decorated with any type paint for interiors.