Here is the new GATTAMELATA Table Lamp with Fabric Shade

PLASTEREGO® is pleased to present the new collection of GATTAMELATA Table Lamps, designed by the architect Federico Boschetto: table lamps with fabric lampshade and colored plaster base.

This new collection of design table lamps with a plaster base enriches and expands the proposals of PLASTEREGO® brand, a leader in the production of plaster decorations. Even these creations, like all plaster artifacts, are made by the skilled hands of the craftsmen in PLASTEREGO® laboratory.

The beauty of these table lamps with fabric lampshades lies not only in the innovative combination of a plaster base with a fabric lampshade, but also in the possibility of being able to customize them according to your tastes.

In fact, the hand-colored fiber-reinforced gypsum base, depicting the well-known Paduan leader Gattamelata, can be customized in 7 different colors, as well as the elegant lampshade in rayon viscose and PVC canvas. The various combinations of the different shades of color, both of the plaster base and of the lampshade, allow to create 49 different color combinations.

From these different chromatic combinations 49 unique colored design table lamps are born, different and equal at the same time. Each combination allows the creation of a colored table lamp with a different design from the others for the reflection of the light on the different color combinations of the base and the lampshade, which give an elegant and sophisticated touch to the environment in which it is placed.

The fabrics used for the creation of the lampshade are handcrafted and of high quality.

The entire production process of the gypsum base is handmade by our skilled master decorators: modeling of the base, finishing and paint applied exclusively by brush. The brush technique in the decoration phase enhances the original shapes of the famous leader’s face, as if they were sculpted by Donatello every time!

All to guarantee a product of excellent quality and refinement!
Quality also testified by having achieved the European certification, having brilliantly passed all the tests relating to safety and compatibility.

Craftsmanship, completely “made in Italy”, originality in the combination of so different but so complementary materials, such as hand-colored fiber-reinforced plaster and fine fabrics in viscose rayon and pvc, allow you to create a table lamp with lampshade that is difficult not to fall in love at first sight!

So, what are you waiting for! enter directly here and admire the different 49 variations of emotion, combining the different color scales.




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